25 months 100 posts

Written by Daniel Roig, coordinator of the Bhimphedi Children’s Home (Balmandir – the temple of the children)

Post number 100 after 25 months of life of the blog of Amics del Nepal in Bhimphedi

It’s been 25 months since I came to Bhimphedi Children’s Home to coordinate the work of management and support of  Amics del Nepal in the Children’s home of Nepal Children’s Organization. Since then there has been continued presence of volunteers supporting the permanent staff of the house. From the first moment I joined here, we decided to start a blog to explain all the work and projects that we are doing to all the people who love this home of kids in this distant place. The project sponsors, the former volunteers and their family and members of Amics del Nepal, I hope you enjoyed the first 100 posts, photos and experiences, that make a beautiful archive of experiences of many people.

Joana Alsina writing the post number 99, while she stays with the kids. The kids are studying for the last exam of the second term.

Not an easy job, all the volunteers here fear the moment when they are assigned with a post. It’s long process. First we have to think about the shape (should we include video or only photos?), then we have to take photos of the event (often, especially when we do some improvement in the home, we forget to take the picture before, or while working…), then we have to write the post, revise it or ask someone to review it. We have to translate it into the other two languages as well… and review the translations. Put the text on the website, choose photos, reduce the resolution and upload them to the web (when internet connection allows us), write captions (in three languages), choose the different options of the post and finally publish it. Oh! We also have to send the summary to Anna Carreras, so she can publish it on Facebook!

In these 25 months 100 posts, we have experienced all kinds of experiences: staff changes, children who have already left the home and some other small children who have joined, earthquakes, a commercial blockade, 72 volunteers (and some have repeated experience), each and every one of the Nepalese festivals, treasure hunts, my wedding, Nepalese recipes, maintenance works and improvements… Here in Nepal, we can say that “reality surpasses the imagination”. We never run out of topics to make new posts… on the contrary, sometimes we are overwhelmed, and we have to summarize, merge, postpone or forget topics that we wanted to share.


Looking at all the adventures, experiences and new friends in these 25 months 100 posts, I feel gratitude, satisfaction, excitement and curiosity and anticipation for the next 25 months 100 posts. Nepal surely will not disappoint us, there is no better script writer!

Each of the 100 posts we have published has also been announced in Amics del Nepal Facebook, thanks to the perseverance and infallibility of Anna Carreras, responsible for the management of social networks of Amics del Nepal.

Anna Carreras publishing the 99th post on Amics del Nepal Facebook. Thank you Anna!

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