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River and fishing!!

Writed by Vanessa Martínez Lozano at the children’s home

It was 20 years since the last municipal elections in Bhimphedi, and for this reason there was one week of official holidays. We took the opportunity that we had holidays again and that it was very hot to go to the river many days!

While small kids enjoy the river and learn how to swim, some of the big boys are fishing.

After a while, by the river, a bit of sun to get warm.

Ready for fishing!!

We use the walks to the river to take pictures of the plants and later look for information about them. The kids know a lot about local plants properties and they love to search for new plants.

When we return to Balmandir everybody works together on cleaning and cooking the fish.

Sumit, Basu, Bisu y Kush are working toguether on cleaning the fish.
Sushil is in charge of cooking today!!


Water Paani

At the request of community members, Amics del Nepal began in 2012 a project coordinated by Monica Sans, which cares about the quality of drinking water in the village of Bhimphedi.

The first action was to analyze the water quality. And we saw that it was contaminated by E-coli, making it dangerous for consumption without treatment.





The second action was to improve the main supply depot in the village, turning it into a filtration filter, improving water quality.









The third action in 2013 was to organize an awareness play directed by Miquel Comas. In this play, the children of the village explained the importance of taking only drinkable water (boiled, well filtered or chlorinated). In this play the children also sang a song that Monica Sans composed especially for this event: “Water Paani”.




The success of the song that every child of the village used to sing whenever they crossed by volunteers of Amics del Nepal, Monica Sans was encouraged to make the video for the song, and with the collaboration of a group of professionals, finally they have finished the work. The video premiered on the day that the song was awarded by Tarannà Travel Agency.

Here you can see the result!