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The Bhimphedi Children’s Home currently shelters 30 orphan children or kids under social exclusion.

We also follow, advice and support the youth once they leave the Children’s Home. Currently we track 16 young boys and girls who are doing the first steps in their independent life working and studying further.

The budget of the whole project for 2015 was of 36,015€. This money was fundraised thanks to:

  • 52 sponsors of the project – 51% of the budget
  • Individual donations and charity activities organized by volunteers – 49% of the budget

Aside from the budget for the daily operation of the Children’s Home, we need donations and volunteers in order to make improvements to the center or organize special activities or trainings.

The Children’s Home has a capacity for 45 children, help us to move forward with this project and to accommodate more children, so they can have a happier childhood and a better future. Become a Friend of the project, make a donation or organize a charitable activity and cooperate with us!

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If you have any inquery about how you can support our project, don’t hesitate to write us to

Thank you all for making this possible!