Making some games

Written by Joana Alsina Vega, volunteer of Children’s Home.

Last week we built some games. The kid called Love is the handyman of Balmandir. He makes a spinning with wood and one nail, and they work really well. One morning we said that we would like to make some hoops, because we could use them for different kind of activities. He went to the workshop and in few minutes he brought some of them. Exactly what we wanted!

We play with hoops every day. We use them as a base to play baseball, to do sport exercises and as hula-hops. To make them, Love cut wire to create circles and he joined them to be more consistent. But when we tried on the football field we realized that we cannot see really well. So we went to look for colour tape to cover them. We started to stick tape around until we had red and green hoops.

Ashish, Som and Bishow doing hoops.


We also painted some plastic bottles for make bowls. We don’t use only with a ball, we also train with hoops. But this is not as easy as it seems! We painted spinning tops as well. Now, when you turn spinning tops colours and shapes mingle, creating special effects.

Basu and Anuj painting tops.