Arati and Beli in Kathmandu

Almost every week we visit the Bhimphedi Health Center or Hospital of Hetauda (the nearest town from Bhimphedi, just over an hour by bus). But when we need to make something more than a X-Ray then going Hetauda it can only make you scared… So sometimes we have to go with a child to Kathmandu where you can find more hospitals and make more tests.

This time we went with Arati (don’t worry, no big problem), but do not think the girl was scared or worried about having to go to hospital. On the contrary, it was the opportunity to visit Kathmandu for the first time in her life! See all those places and monuments that come to school books and reconnect with many brothers and sisters who live in Kathmandu once they left the Bhimphedi Children’s Home.

Arati looking at the Bagmati river, a holy place called Pashupatinath, where the hinduists burn the bodies of the dead (at the background the smoke of the cremations can be seen).
Arati walking among the temples of Pashupatinath.
Meeting with Naresh, one of the youth who grew up in our Children’s Home. Now he is working in this restaurant, la Casita de Boudhanath as a cook. He is also studding Management in a college and living in a room with other two youth that came from our Children’s Home too.
Visit to the Patan Children’s Home where two girls that had grown up in Bhimphedi Children’s Home now live.
Arati puting a bracelet to Pemba, one of the youth that grew up in Bhimphedi and now is studing in a college in Kathmandú. Pemba now is partaking in one of the projects of Amics del Nepal that aims to bring a drama show in a very affected areas by the earthquake.
We also met with many other volunteers of Amics del Nepal who are working in many other projects. In this photo you can see Neus, a volunteer who has been doing a great job supporting Amor Boys Children’s Home and Florida School in Mahendranagar.
We visited Dharahara, the tower that collapsed in the last earthquake (and had already collapsed and rebuilded 80 years ago). Madan, a youth who left Bhimphedi Children’s Home some years ago came with us.
On the rooftop of Geeta’s family house, where we stayed in Kathmandu. Geeta is the Amics del Nepal accountant, and she and her family are just wonderful.
We also met Ashok, the only kid who left the Children’s Home this year. Nowadays he is taking care of a building in Kathmandu (and for that he has a room and salary), he studies in college, he is doing a cooking course and making loads of new friends.
Ashok in the cooking class in Cocina Mitho Chha.
On 20th September Ashok worked in the parliament compound. An historical date that he lived near the main characters of it.