Team Competitions

These days are holidays in Bhimphedi. The government school is closed for the rainy season, because for children who come from the mountains and have to cross the river while coming would be difficult to get to school. Thus, we have used this time to divide the 28 girls and boys from the home into four groups, each group representing an imaginary country they have invented themselves. Over the coming months the groups face different tests, games, sports competitions, artistic activities … where they get different scores.

Until now they have designed the flag of the country, have competed in badminton and football and created the imaginary map of their country (with different regions, towns, rivers … all with imaginary names). We have programmed already many other activities for next days: a origami contest (creating paper figures), making a movie, creating a video using “stop motion”, building table games, and telling a story using shadows. Everyone is very excited! And so all the staff members are!

Flags of two of the imaginary countries of two of the teams, with the current scoring.
Flags and scoring of the other two teams.


Map of the Dragon imaginary country.



Preparing the court for the badminton competition.
First match of the badminton competition between Jay and Ashok.
Binita’s and Sita’s match caught the attention of many of the kids of the Children’s Home.


Some of the kids looking at the table of the badminton competition with the scores of the disputed matches.

We will keep you posted of how the various activities evolve, and you will see the results of some of these works! The fun starts!