Amics del Nepal President visits us

In Easter, the president of Amics del Nepal has used her holidays to visit the projects of the Association. Ten days Nepal making meetings in Kathmandu, Patan, Bhimphedi and Mahendranagar.

These few days have been very useful to close collaboration agreements and making meetings with all organizations that Amics del Nepal has been supporting for many years.

In Bhimphedi Children’s Home, the last week, some of the volunteers and children have been painting the stairs of the library; and didis have been repairing the garden in front of it.

Some of the kids painting the background for the stairs once they were dry after being newly plastered.
Basu painted the stairs and his hands.
The “art boy” of the Children’s Home draw some flowers on the new flower pots on the sides of the stair.


try again
The girls and Isa made some drawings on the central part as well: grass, flowers, insects and small animals.


To finish the artwork, Sita and Isa draw on the other flowerpot.

flors Isa

Saturday morning we did a general cleaning (we clean every Saturday, but this week we have put more enthusiasm). We have also prepared flowers and we have saved the only gas cylinders that we had so Cristina can use the two days she will be in Bhimphedi. Here in Nepal we have the saying “Guests are gods.”

Meeting with all the kids of the Children’s home to coordinate how to tidy and clean the compound and rooms before the arrival of Cristina.  And also how to welcome her once she was here.

During the brief but intense stay, Cristina (president of Amics del Nepal), Miquel (member of Amics del Nepal in Kathmandu) and Nima (daughter of Cristina) have visited the whole Children’s Home, played with children and met with the coordinators of the Children’s Home to discuss the next tasks and challenges of the project.

Cristina and Nima arrive!
On the backside Nima playing badminton. On the front Cristina looking from the distance, but…
Soon later she also joined and played a good game with Sushil.

As if it was made to entertain the visitors, this last week we have had new newborns in the children’s home: three goats, two puppies and six chicks.

With lots of guides, Cristina and Nima visit the Children Home and the new born  goats.



They also see the new chicks.
And our buffalos.

Cristina has also visited the office of AWASUKA, where she met with Monica (project coordinator), Amit (new local engineer hired for the project), Ranjit (President of the local cooperative), Ram (secretary of the local cooperative) and the  volunteers Alex and Diego (Base-A / UPC). At the end of the meeting Cristina and Ranjit signed the first agreement between the two organizations to hire a local technician for AWASUKA.

A short visit, but productive and enjoyable!

In front of the door of AWASUKA office: group photo with the members of Amics del Nepal, Agragami and UPC/base-A.
Meeting in the AWASUKA/Agragami office.
Final agreement signed by Amics del Nepal president and Agragami president.