The dentist Sole in the Children’s Home

I`m Soledad Paredes from Chile and am a Dentist. I´m in Childrens Home Bhimphedi, for realize activities in promotion and prevention (as the first part) to introduce children in oral health.


I have taken on Saturday is a day without school, to initiate activities.

We started with a competition to clarify three important concepts: that the teeth are used, How do we keep our teeth Healthy? and What foods are bad for our teeth?

Using posters they`ve made and cards with the concepts, we did a competition with two teams (male vs. female), to see who succeeds in placing him more concepts in the right question. Result of competition: girls have won and are very happy!



After we perform different activities at different ages were conducted to show that we use to brush our teeth and we have also introduced new concepts to understand that we speak (fluorine, cavities, cavity, etc). The activities were: painting boards, join the numbers and wordsearch. With these last until the bigger they are excited, and the smallest have remained happy with the drawings.



And so we have finished the day and the activities we had planned for two days have gone and asked for more activities for the next day. So a hit today!!!