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Phase 1 of the Farm Project

With 30 children in the center, and even more that will come next April, most of the budget is going to buy food. But in Bhimphedi Childen’s Home we are fortunate to have about 9,000 m2 where we have a nice garden that gives many vegetables. Now we also want have some animals! We will start with ten hens to get enough eggs for all the children and staff! In addition, the hens will eat the organic waste and we will get compost so it can be used to fertilize the kitchen-garden (nowadays we have to buy it).

All the kids are very excited about the idea of having a small farm. They keep asking when we will bring the hens, how many we will have, if we will bring also a cock… But there are still many things to do before we can bring the hens from Hetauda (the nearest town from Bhimphedi).

This month we have a volunteer from Lleida, Edu Juanati. He is leading this project. Kush, one of the children studying in class 7, is also an expert about animals. he helps everyday an old woman to take care of her hens, ducks and goats. So, surely we will succeed with our new project!