Kamal and Ram Raj show us how they dance

Written by Ram Raj and Kamal, youth of Balmandir 

Hello we are Balmandir children and we  are making a
small video first but now we are improving and this is our
thirth video but we don´t know if you like this video or not
if you like this video you can tell us and we will make more video
for you.

Our name is kamal,manish,ramraj.we make this video for funny
for that we work a lot. we practise for one week for that video and
first we shoot and markhu and inside our village and we start to edit
we finish inside two day and now a day lot of people say we are good
and they are asking for another videos for that we need your help
maka a like . if you help us and we will be very happy and you will
get your another video. quickly THANK YOU.